500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Victoria BC

The world of yoga has many fascinating areas that can leave the practitioner awestruck at the idea of creation, personal dharma (purpose), and innate potential. The 500-hour certification program is perfect for students that already have a 200-hour foundation and are looking to develop in their own way. 

This program has two different pathways. Our Modular Program and our 4-week Intensive.

Modular Yoga Teacher Training Program:


  1. 30 hour The Science of Embodied Yoga Level 1 and 2 with Dr. Carrie Watkins
  2. 10 hours The Bhagavad Gita Book Club with Katyanna Ryan
  3. 12 hours Cultural Awareness in Yoga with Emmy Chahal
  4. 30 hour Yoga Philosophy Course with Katyanna Ryan

(*Indicates required for certification completion)

  1.  15 hours The Science of Embodied Yoga Level 1 with Dr. Carrie Watkins *
  2. 15 Hours The Science of Embodied Yoga Level 2 with Dr. Carrie Watkins *
  3. 15 Hour Cultural Sensitivity in Yoga with Emmy Chahal *
  4. 30 hour Yoga Nidra with Sonja Foss
  5. 30 Hour Sound Healing with Pilar Munoz, Katyanna Ryan, and Chantelle Mussell.
  6. 3 Hour Trans Inclusivity within Yoga classes and Studios
  7. 25 Hour Theming Teaching Intensive with Jonni-Lyn
  8. 30 Hour Internship Program
  9. 25 Hour Creative Sequencing Teaching Intensive with Tara Heal
  10. 15 The Bhagavad Gita Book Club with Katyanna
  11. 40 Restorative Yoga Level 1 with Tianne Allan
  12. 40 Hour Restorative Yoga Level 2 with Tianne Allan
  13. 40 Yin Yoga Level 1 with Nyk Danu
  14. 40 Yin Yoga Level 2 with Nyk Danu
  15. 15 Hours Ayurveda Seasonal Dinacharya’s With Sarada Pranav
  16. 70 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Teresa Campbell
  17. 25 Hour Assists for Vinyasa Practice
  18. 30 Hour Yoga Philosophy with Katyanna Ryan *

4-week Intensive Advanced Vinyasa Teaching Program:

200 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Teaching Intensive

With Katyanna Ryan,  Jonni-Lyn Friel, and Guest Teachers

Perhaps the most common comment we hear from students after they finish the 200-hour program is that they really miss having their classes evaluated. It is not too often you get a lot of feedback on your classes after you go out into the world and start teaching. 

For this reason, we have created a 4-week teacher training intensive that provides a lot of direct teaching opportunities, feedback, and support in refining your teaching skills.

 This annual course is a perfect accelerated track for students who are looking to improve as vinyasa teachers. Students of this course must be prepared to teach and be evaluated in a safe and supportive environment

In this learning-intensive, students come to the course prepared with ideas and sequencing structures that our instructors can work with. Daily presentations allow participants to get used to being seen. 

This is a teaching boot camp of sorts where students are constantly developing their presentations with our master teachers, being supported in their ideas, and given ample opportunity to teach the daily assignments.

Find your voice, let yourself be seen, and learn to love all aspects of teaching.


  1. Yoga Philosophy 
    -Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Upanishads 
    -Selected mandatory readings 
    -4 Journaling Prompts (weekly)
  2. Theming, Lineage & Tradition, Seeing Students

    Why, how it adds value, relating abstract concepts, weaving in philosophy. 
    Elements of theming:
    body, breath, mantra, philosophy, music, mudra, chakras / energetics
    -Posture or Anatomy Based
    -Philosophy or Life Lesson Based

  3. Lineage & Tradition 
    -Modern culture, guru culture
  4. Assists-How to Provide Safe Touching for Powerful Teaching

    -Why touch, kinds of touch, consent culture
    -The need to be seen/witnessed
    -Types of seeing: eyesight, hearing, feeling 
    -Foundations of seeing -building ground up

  5. Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama
    Deities & associations – 
    Why are these essential? -The necessity of ekagrata state. 
    -Cultivating a personal practice
         •Meditation variations – japa, laya, etc.
         •Pranayama variations – kapalabhati, nadi shodona, brahmar
  6. Teaching from your practice
    -Building progressive practice – teaching to your audience
  7. Professionalism, ethics, the business of yoga
    -Setting up classes/holding space
    -How to get hired/get workshops approved
    -Successful auditioning
  8. Ethics

    -Personal conduct: sex, alcohol, etc.
    -Care for the studio as though it’s your own 

  9. Business of Yoga

    -Business Immersion -Crafting your personal narrative & bio
    -Photography session for headshots/action shots (5 edited images)
    -Create an audition sequence with music 
    -Specialize & diversify

  10. Practice and Observation
    The majority of our Course will be asking students to produce their own work to solidify the teachings given throughout the course. We want to see you teach so you have the opportunity to become comfortable and we can see where you still need support.

Schedule: –August 2nd – 27th, 2021

Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm
Saturday 9 am-1 pm

Investment: $3200


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