COVID 19 Response

COVID-19 Updates

The world has shifted and we have all collectively changed how we live. For us, these safety procedures will change how we run yoga classes and clinic bookings. We are certain that we can all work together to continue to offer a sanctuary space within our community.

Currently the spread of COVID-19 is believed to be attributed mostly by droplet contact when we are in close range to each other. Read below for a clarification of droplet contact versus airborne transmission from the BC Centre for disease control. The protocols we have put in place are keeping these ways of transmission in mind, while heavily preventing droplet contact. To read more about how COVID spreads click the link below.

Droplet Contact: Some diseases can be transferred by infected droplets contacting surfaces of the eye, nose, or mouth. For example, large droplets that may be visible to the naked eye are generated when a person sneezes or coughs. These droplets typically spread only one to two metres and quickly fall to the ground. Influenza and SARS are two examples of diseases capable of being transmitted from droplet contact. Currently, health experts believe that coronavirus can also be transmitted in this way.

Airborne transmission: This occurs when much smaller evaporated droplets or dust particles containing the microorganism float in the air for long periods of time. Transmission occurs when others breathe the microorganism into their throat or lungs. Examples of diseases capable of airborne transmission include measles, chickenpox and tuberculosis. Currently, health experts believe that coronavirus cannot be transmitted through airborne transmission.

  • · Social distancing will be clearly laid out from the moment you walk in the door to prevent droplet contact. No stress! You can simply follow the tape along the stairwell and entrance.
  • · We are following a circular flow to enter and exit the studio. Teachers and front desk staff will be there to make this clear.
  • · Coming dressed for class can help, but don’t worry, the dressing rooms are set up for social distancing.
  • · Only 12 students are allowed per class. Signing up beforehand ensures that you will get a spot. Click here to get started
  • · If you cancel with less than 8 hours notice, you will still be charged for the class to ensure that we maximize class spots.
  • · Floors will be cleaned after class as well as high touch spots and props. We use a high level disinfectant to clean these high touch points.
  • · Bringing your own props is a great way to stay safe.
  • · Props are a big part of injury prevention so we do have props to use for class that are cleaned after use. If you have used props, please leave them on the floor after class so they can be cleaned.
  • · We have created space in our studio to ensure that mouths and noses are not pointing towards one another and are more than 2 meters apart to prevent droplet contact.  Listen to the instruction of your teacher during class so that we all transition to the top, middle, and back of the mat together to keep our mouths and noses a safe distance from one another.
  • · When possible, the door to the balcony area and windows will be open, so dress for a summer breeze.
  • · All high touch areas will be cleaned every two hours and  after classes with a high level disinfectant.
  • · All clinic practitioners will wear a mask.
  • · Rooms will be cleaned thoroughly after each treatment with high level disinfectant.
  • · Patients will be directed between the two waiting areas so that there is never more than 2 people waiting together.

British Columbia has done an amazing job at slowing the spread of COVID-19. As a business in this province, we have taken care to educate ourselves about how to keep the community as safe as possible, with the information we know about the Coronavirus. Thank you for your business. Let’s keep up the good work!