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Our faces are a reflection of our internal systems, our emotions, and our physical state. They are like a window revealing who we are and where we have come from. 

Using a variety of face reading techniques Carley detects how emotions are affecting the skin and face. Identifying the root cause of the skin’s issues can create space to heal internal disharmonies, creating an external glow of health and happiness.

Skin concerns including acne, dullness, loss of tone, hormonal issues, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and facial tension can be addressed through individualized treatments such as: Gua Sha, Facial Reflexology, Dien Chan, auriculotherapy (ear seeds), massage, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine modalities, lymphatic drainage, and natural skin care products. These treatments are designed with care to address each individuals’ specific needs.  

By alleviating and dispersing stagnation through massage and Gua Sha, you increase the flow of blood, lymph, Qi, energy, and prana, nourishing the skin and clearing energetic pathways.

 Treatments will allow the nervous system to calm and relax, allowing the body to re-harmonize. Bringing movement to the skin improves circulation, creating a glow from within. Skin will appear lifted, toned, and contoured. This treatment is designed to address all skin concerns from within by tapping into our bodies’ own healing mechanisms.

We will work together to create an at home ritual to extend the effects of treatments, and to empower you to take your own care into your hands. Creating your own ritual should be simple but feel luxurious and bring you joy. Feeling good in your skin and luxuriating in your rituals will boost Qi energy and bring out your natural beauty. Skin care products can be discussed and product recommendations can be made. Simplicity is paramount. Sometimes you can find the best thing for your skin in your fridge. Where appropriate, at home rituals can and may include pranayama, mudra, meditation and movement.

Face Reading is a traditional Chinese medicine technique used for thousands of years to determine the health and wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit.

This lineage and branch of Chinese Medicine suggests that physical ailments stem from the emotions not being expressed in a balanced way, or from emotional traumas not being released. Each feature and marking of the face is a representation of the story of your life, from the time in the womb to the present moment. Through analysis of facial features and markings, Carley can help unravel past issues and patterns, validate personality traits, and assist in finding a harmonization of your emotions.

The Five Elements are also represented on the face and physical body. By exploring the Five Elements and determining your dominant element, you can connect back to your true nature, embracing your strengths and becoming aligned with your purpose. A Face Reading is a transformative experience that helps connect you to your true nature and authentic self.

Being seen as you really are provides the power and validation for your own transformation and self-acceptance.

Facial Pricing

Choose from one of our single treatment options below.

Facial – $115

60 mins

Face Reading – $115

60 mins

Facial Face Reading – $150 

 90 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a face reading for?

A Face Reading is for anyone wishing to be more at harmony with themselves, or for anyone curious about how they are expressing their emotions.

What will happen during a face reading?

Short and gentle palpation of certain areas of the face to determine if strength lies more in the physical body or in the spiritual/emotional realms, this information helps to align you with your purpose.

Carley will then ask questions and draw attention to certain times in your life or experiences and emotions that have marked the face. Attention will also be drawn to areas of strength, and perhaps strengths or traits that have been repressed or unused. These acknowledgments build space for you to live more authentically and step into your power. As the reading concludes Carley may provide gentle self massage techniques, breath exercises, movement, or nourishment recommendations

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