Nutrition Consultation Victoria

Nutrition Consultations Victoria BC

Clients receive personalized consultations and education around healthy food choices for each specific body type.

Growing up in Mexico, Crysel was always passionate about food, cooking, and nutrition. She brings this passion to her practice by creating delicious and healthy personalized meal plans for her clients, working with their specific dietary needs. 

She is focused on a holistic and integrative approach and prides herself on her ability to connect with her clients through compassion and good communication. Nothing brings her more joy than to help clients reach their goals!

The following are just a few of the health conditions that can be helped with proper nutrition:

   • Heart Disease
   • High Blood Pressure
   • High Cholesterol
   • Allergies
   • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetic Conditions
   • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
   • Fatigue
   • Anemia
   • Overweight and Obesity


Nutrition Consultation Pricing

Single Treatments

Choose from one of our single treatment options below. If this is your first time at our clinic, please select the initial consultation when booking your appointment.

  • Nutrition Consultation Initial – 75 mins – $100

Includes an assessment of your health history, supplements, daily habits, nutrition concerns, and food journal record for 3 days. The goal setting will help create an action plan to support the achievement of your nutrition goals and needs. Recommendations, body composition monitoring and recipes will be provided at the end of the consultation.

  • Nutrition Consultation Follow Up – 60 mins – $75

This will include a 60-minute review, in person, of your progress, any changes to your health, lab values, diet, or goals.

Online Single Treatments

  • Nutrition Consultation Initial Online –  60 mins – $75

Consists of a comprehensive intake, including assessment of health history, stress, daily habits, food diary, and any other health concerns. Together we will create an online action plan to support the achievement of your goals through nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

  • Nutrition  Initial Online –  40 mins – $65

An online review of your progress; during which time we will discuss any challenges you have encountered, make adjustments to your nutrition action plan, and review additional information such as lab test results, meal planning, and new recipe ideas.

Treatments Packs

Purchase one of our treatment packs and save!

  • Nutrition Consultation Package 1 – $155

• Initial Nutrition Consultation
One Follow Up Appointment 
Meal Planning and Recipes
Ongoing Email Follow-up

  • Nutrition Consultation Package 2 – $295

• Initial Nutrition Consultation
Three Follow Up Appointment 
Meal Planning and Recipes
Ongoing Email Follow-up

  • Nutrition Consultation Couples Program – $270

• Initial Nutrition Consultation
One Follow Up Appointment 
Meal Planning and Recipes
Ongoing Email Follow-up

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I visit a nutritionist?

  1. Are you experiencing bloating after eating?

  2. Are you concerned about your energy levels on a daily basis?

  3. Are you taking the right supplements for your body’s requirements? Do you know that taking supplements without a proper assessment can disharmonize your nutritional levels and affect the absorption of them?

  4. How to choose the right menu plan for your nutritional needs?

  5. Do you know that the lack of specific nutrients can affect not only your mental clarity, but also your overall health in the long run.

What should I expect from my first consultation?

There are a lot of thing to consider especially for the first  nutritional consultation, but some of  the most common thing that you can expect are:

  1. A personalized nutritional assessment of your nutritional status, medication, supplementation, nutritional needs, allergies, etc.,

  2. A 7 to 21 day personalized Menu plan that will reach our nutritional goal considering your body type, exercise, health issued or specific requirements.

  3. A recipe book with delicious and nutritious options according to your lifestyle, needs, allergies and requirements.  This includes a grocery list and prep guide.

What should I bring to the consultation?

  1. Light, comfortable clothing.

  2. A completed intake form.

  3. A list of medications, supplements, superfood or herbs that you are taking.

  4. Your personal nutrition goals.

Other things to consider:

If you have recently seen your doctor, please bring with you a copy of your lab report.

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