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Somatic Therapy Victoria BC

Our bodies hold on to all kinds of stress – mental, emotional, and physical. Often after a trauma or injury has healed or feels resolved, the memory of it can linger in the body, giving rise to all sorts of hard-to-trace symptoms. This stored stress can prevent the body from fully healing and prove a major frustration as it is difficulty to detect and resolve. 

Somatic therapy is particularly useful for anyone with “stubborn” painful symptoms that haven’t been resolved with traditional physical treatment strategies, and anyone who has had a stressful life and is now dealing with persistent health issues.

Somatic therapy helps the body and mind enter into a deep state of relaxation, from which the body can recalibrate from past stressors and traumas and fully heal itself. We work with the body using gentle movements to mobilize areas that have become stuck or stagnant, and using specific questions to uncover the origins of symptoms. You can think of it as an assisted, moving meditation!

Mischa Harris, MSc

Mischa is a somatic therapist with a long history in high-performance sport and complex injury rehabilitation. Mischa is passionate about helping people understand their health through a broader lens, shining a light on the areas that are often misunderstood or forgotten as a source of healing and vitality. Also a facilitator with the Pneuma Transpersonal Institute, Mischa blends hands-on Fascial Stretch Therapy and Movement Therapy with the wisdom offered by the study of transpersonal psychology and ancient wisdom traditions. 


– Registered Kinesiologist
– Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
– Certified Health Coach
– Masters Degree in Experimental Medicine (University of British Columbia)
– Facilitator with the Pneuma Transpersonal Institute

Treatment Pricing:

Initial Session

90 minutes
$140 plus GST

Follow Up Sessions

60 minutes
$100 plus GST


After my first treatment, I noticed amazing results immediately. I had more flexibility throughout my upper torso and my entire body resulting in an immediate improvement in my walking, my ability to stand more upright, and my overall well-being. I continued my treatments and had even more cumulative results not only on a physical level but actually experienced some very profound healing on a spiritual level; it is my belief that this helped healed my cancer as well. I remain cancer-free and my body remains much looser and more flexible.
— R. Wilkins

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical session look like?

We’ll always begin with a conversation to check in with where things are at with your symptoms and also in other facets of your life. Once we’ve established a focus for the session, we’ll look at how your body is moving to gain insight on how it is holding tension. Then you’ll lie down on a table, fully clothed, and we’ll begin the process of profound relaxation through music, touch, aromatherapy, and guided meditation. While you remain in a relaxed state, we’ll very gently work on the restricted areas of the body, using breath and subtle movement to release tension and re-pattern how your brain controls that area. In some cases I’ll ask questions about what you’re feeling, and encourage an internal investigation of what the physical tension is linked to. 

How can I expect to feel afterwards?

After a powerful nervous system release most people feel as if they’ve woken up from a long, restorative nap. Your mind will be calm and peaceful, your body will feel…noodly…and you’ll probably feel like taking a walk and enjoying how good it feels to breathe deeply and without restriction. Oh, and you’ll be very thirsty! Your body will have released a lot of toxins, and it’s important to flush those out with lots of water and, when it feels right, some gentle movement. 

Is somatic therapy useful for recovery from serious trauma?

Most definitely yes, however it’s usually best to use somatic therapy in conjunction with other healing modalities in the case of serious trauma. If this is the case for you, please contact Mischa prior to booking to ensure that it is the right therapeutic modality at the right time. 

How does somatic therapy work together with other treatments like physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc?

Since the goal of somatic therapy is to remove layers of stress from the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, it usually creates more space for the other treatments to be even more effective. Somatic therapy is a fantastic complement to most other treatment strategies and is similarly helped by anything else that you pursue in an effort to enhance your body’s ability to relax and heal. 

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