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Why Us?

Yoga’s education system is truly one of a kind! We’ve brought together the most inspiring group of educators that have a passion for growth.

Students of all ages,  interest levels and abilities find their home here with our expert faculty. We offer you different styles and perspectives, while nurturing your individual expression.We’ve spent over 10 years developing our curriculum so that we can deliver you the highest standard in yoga education.

~ Various schedules and study options that fit your needs

~ Leading Experts in the field of yoga education and global master teachers

~ Internationally recognized certification with Yoga Alliance

~ An opportunity to explore your personal power and refine your skills

~ Ongoing support both during training and after graduation

~ Free pass at our studio while enrolled in our 200 hour program.

Offered through the Brahmanda School of Yoga at the Mā Institute in Dragon Alley, Victoria BC Canada, our 200hr training program is an intensive journey into the heart of yoga practice and how you can use these tools to show up. We are truly leaders in the field of yoga education, and have graduated hundreds of students over the last decade. The interest may start on the mat, but eventually what is learned there, ripples out into all our actions. 

We believe the most important thing that you bring to the training is yourself. We are not interested in molding you into an idea of a yoga teacher. Rather, we are invested in seeing how the practices land in your body and how you translate that into your teaching.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This Yoga Alliance-certified course, is designed to create a foundation into personal ritual that the student can engage with wholly. Students are provided with daily meditation assignments as well as audio/video tools that assist the student in creating daily habits. Through this exploration, teaching becomes more natural and authentic.

Blending the sacred traditional teachings of yoga and the perspective of the modern practitioner, students are able to see that the questions that were being asked about the nature of existence are truly timeless. Why am I here? Where did I come from? What am I meant to do? What is my body saying “yes” to and what is it resisting? It is magical to engage with this!

We are not here to provide answers in all cases, but we can introduce you to the philosophical framework that invites you to explore yourself, your body, your being, the world, and the nature of experience. Expect to question your own notions about what yoga is and to engage with your peers in respectful discussions about the teachings. We want to hear from you, and get to know who you are!

In this accelerated learning environment, you are not only a student, but alive in the teachings. You will learn to discover what is true for you each day in your body and that your perspective is something that is trusted and respected within the teachings of the school.

We offer a Spring and Fall 14 week program that includes morning and weekends as well as a summer 5 week intensive. Working with small groups we’ve been able to create a hands on curriculum, offering valuable classroom teaching experience and mentoring.

Led by Lead Instructor Katyanna Ryan (E-RYT 500), students will explore Vinyasa (flow) and Yin styles of yoga in depth as well as History, Chanting, Pranayama (breath), Meditation techniques, Yoga Lifestyle, personal development and Ayurvedic principles. Our Yin module is taught by yoga therapist and 500 E-RYT, Nyk Danu. Anatomy and physiology will be taught by a local Naturopathic Doctor and yoga teacher extraordinaire, Carrie Watkins ND E-RYT 500.

A key component of our training program involves learning how to teach yoga in a trauma-sensitive fashion. This module is taught by Doctoral Student Kristen Silveira who studies clinical psychology and neuroscience. This addition will give a deeper understanding of the physiological and mental implications of trauma and how this may show up in your classroom. Having this perspective can also serve teachers to work with both marginalized populations (those living with addictions, mental health challenges, etc), as well as with students who may be recovering from physical or emotional trauma, grief or loss. This is a perfect first step for teachers who are interested in doing yoga outreach or work with individuals in specialized settings.

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Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship

MA Yoga is actively engaging in the conversations around inclusivity within the field of yoga. We have allotted two spaces per training for our 200 hour program for a 50% reduction in cost.


This is where we will focus the majority of the curriculum. It is so important to have an opportunity to feel the practices change you. Showing up to the mat and meeting what comes can be done in a variety of ways. For this reason we offer a lot of different experiences that change the way you feel in your body and mind. Early morning classes are a combination of the Be Yoga Vinyasa and Hatha series so that you can feel your breath moving from the inside out. Sound work in the form of instruments,vocal toning, as well as mantra meditation add a unique flavour to the mornings. We will also spend our evenings engaged in restorative practices that bring awareness to the more subtle sensations. In this style of practice we take out movement entirely so the practitioner can see what comes to them as their physical body basks in comfort. Don’t be surprised if live music accompanies the class. A familiarity with these consistent experiences gives you the foundation. By doing, you understand the deeper implications of practice and how to then teach from a space of lightness and cosmic play. This embodied way of showing up stirs the essence of who you are and reveals your ability to be a leader and a holder of space. What kind of a teacher will you be?

You are worth being seen and heard. We give you the tools to find your own voice and the structure to succeed, but we are not trying to produce teachers that all sound the same. The most vital thing you bring to the program is yourself. Our learning methods aim to organically teach a range of learning styles. The student feels their own individual experience through movement and practice. Theory is built up with our lively philosophical discussions and hands on Anatomy and Physiology classes. You will build confidence with many teaching opportunities and check ins. In the end, what emerges is the most heartfelt, uniquely authentic teachers that we are insanely proud of. Great teachers come not just from knowledgeable teachers, but a supportive atmosphere where you are embraced. Welcome home.

Our Anatomy and Physiology classes are taught by Dr. Carrie Watkins ND. Her blend of teaching goes far beyond muscles and bones. You will learn how to functionally prep the body in movements and creatively cue postures to effectively recruit the body. You will also dabble into the ideas of the nervous system and how safety in a students overall experience has so many contributing factors. By instructing innovative ways of cueing and structuring classes, teachers can empower the student. We will also explore way in which we can offer hands on adjustments that are respectful, safe, and useful.

In Mā Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training program, we will explore philosophy through mythology, story, and diving into the history of yoga. In the years since the word “yoga” was honed in on, so many works of literature have emerged.The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and the Vijnana Bhairava all have been important works that have influenced and reflected cultural changes and shifts. As we reflect on the teachings, we understand what was happening at that time in history. What made these ideas come alive? Students are guided through homework and lively discussions about how the teachings emerge in their own life. What is relevant for them. There is no indoctrination, just food for thought.

Teaching in the program is a gradual process. For this reason we take more hours than is required by designation to refine your skills. You will start in a small group, then move larger, and gradually move up to teaching a class and meditation as your final practicum. Trust the process. We understand that at some point during the program you will be out of your comfort zone. This is an amazing place for deep learning. You will be supported by staff, interns, as well as your classmates that will become like family during your training. Even if you don't plan to teach, we encourage this challenge anyway. Learning to coexist with your nerves allows for unbelievable expansion and personal growth. Dive in!

As yoga teachers you’re learning a form of body work, where often what comes through can be unexpected. This component of the training helps students understand the physiological, mental, and emotional implications of trauma that can have devastating effects. We will also learn how body based therapies can help to expand resiliency and empower the practitioner. Join Kristen Silveira (Msc in Psychology) as she discusses her work with trauma and how you can be effective in the classroom.

This course is so much more than a teacher training. Each student is totally unique and we value that. We want you to find change deep within yourself that chisels out who you are at your core! This familiarity with yourself can expand out to everything you do. The framework of Ayurveda learned within our 200 hour yoga teacher training course can be transformational in the ways you uniquely feed yourself, how you shape a daily routine, and how to engage with seasonal changes. It may explain why you have some preferences and do better without certain influences. You will see that you have a choice in building up your health through these practices and that your most vital self is your most balanced self. We even provide cooking demonstrations that teach you how to prepare some Ayurvedic staples.


Part Time

January 22-April 30, 2021
Early Mornings & Weekends

January 22-April 30, 2021

Every Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 am

Saturday and Sunday 1:30 pm-7:30 pm

January 22-24
January 29-31
February 12-14
February 26-28
March 12-14
April 2-4
April 16-18
April 23-25
April 30-May 2

Full Time

May 2021
5 Week Intensive

Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm


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