Modular 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Victoria BC

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Victoria BC

The world of yoga has many fascinating areas that can leave the practitioner awestruck at the idea of creation, personal dharma (purpose), and innate potential. The 500-hour certification program is perfect for students that already have a 200-hour foundation and are looking to develop in their own way. 

By adding 300 additional hours to your 200-hour designation you are eligible for a 500-hour advanced certification through the Yoga Alliance. 200+300= 500 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher.)

This program can be customized to suit each teacher’s interests and needs. There are required courses that everyone must do in order to receive the 500-hour RYT certification. The rest is a choose your own adventure!

Modular Yoga Teacher Training Program:

This pathway is perfect for students that want to educate themselves within their own time frame. After enrolment, participants have three years to complete their hours. Modules are offered monthly. For the student that wants to create a more layered experience and gain more knowledge in areas like Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Pick the courses that interest you, and add up hours as time goes. 

Students that have already completed a 200-hour training can be eligible for a 500-hour advanced teaching certification. 300 hours in our modular courses, over three years allows for a more leisure learning experience that is customized to how you want to teach. The following courses are required courses in order to receive certification. The rest can be added to make 300 hours, based on each student’s interest levels.

  1. 30 hour The Science of Embodied yoga Level 1 and 2 with Dr. Carrie Watkins
  2. 10 hours The Bhagavad Gita Book Club with Katyanna Ryan
  3. 12 hours Cultural Awareness in Yoga 
  4. 30 hour Yoga Philosophy Course with Katyanna Ryan
  5. 3 Hour Trans Inclusivity Training 

Q) I didn’t do my 200 hour training through MA Yoga, am I still eligible to do my advanced training with you?
A) Yes. As long as you did your program through a yoga alliance accredited 200 hour program, you are eligible to do 300 additional hours with MA to become a 500 hour certified RYT (registered yoga teacher.)

Q) My practice is not “advanced,” can I still do the program?
A) Absolutely! Yoga is not about your physical practice. Every time you step on your mat to practice, you are working with your own body. An advanced practice is not about headstands, it is about awareness and personal dedication.

Q) I have injuries, and I have to move slowly. Can I still do the programs?
A) Yes. Our teachers are highly trained to work with you. Being able to understand the function and foundation of a technique does not require you yourself to do it.

Q) I’m not interested in the required courses. Do I have to do them?
A) Yes. These courses are universal in helping you to be a well rounded teacher.

Q) I am looking to do the condensed 4 week module. It is 200 hours. How do I earn an additional 100 hours for certification?
A) In order to earn a 500 hour RYT certification, you must complete the required courses. This will give 85 additional hours. The extra 15 hours can be done with any module of your choice as an elective.

Q) I am facing financial barriers, is it possible to do a payment plan?
A) Yes. We can set up personal payment plans that meet individual needs.

Q) Do you offer scholarships?
A) If you are South Asian, BIPOC, or a member of the trans community, spots have been allotted for you to receive a partial scholarship in every training. Fill out the application here.

Q) What kind of support can I receive to further my teaching?
A) The internship program is perfect for students that are working to get more individual attention. Read more about the Internship program below.

Q) Do I receive a discount on classes while I am in a program?
A) Most of the programs don’t allow you to practice much outside of the teachings. However, while you are taking a program, you do receive a 50% discount off passes that are not intro passes.

Q) How do I apply through yoga alliance?
A) After program completion, you can apply your certificate into the Yoga Alliance database and the school will approve your course completion. For more information, check out

4 Week 200 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Teaching Intensive:

With Katyanna Ryan and Guest Teachers

*This program offers 200 hours towards your 500-hour certification

This 200-hour module is perfect for teachers that are focused on vinyasa and Hatha teaching primarily. 

Perhaps the most common comment we hear from students after they finish the 200-hour program is that they really miss having their classes evaluated. It is not too often you get a lot of feedback on your classes after you go out into the world and start teaching. For this reason, we have created a 4-week teacher training intensive that provides a lot of direct teaching opportunities, feedback, and support in refining your teaching skills.

This annual course is a perfect accelerated track for students who are looking to improve as vinyasa teachers. Students of this course must be prepared to teach and be evaluated in a safe and supportive environment. 

In this learning-intensive, students come to the course prepared with ideas and sequencing structures that our instructors can work with. Daily presentations allow participants to get used to being seen. 

This is a teaching boot camp of sorts where students are constantly developing their presentations with our master teachers, being supported in their ideas, and given ample opportunity to teach the daily assignments.

Students that are looking to obtain a 500-hour RYT certificate are still required to complete the following required courses outside of this training:

  1. 30 hour The Science of Embodied Yoga Level 1 and 2 with Dr. Carrie Watkins
  2. 10 hours The Bhagavad Gita Book Club with Katyanna Ryan
  3. 30 hour Yoga Philosophy Course with Katyanna Ryan

Find your voice, let yourself be seen, and learn to love all aspects of teaching.

Students must have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in vinyasa or Hatha yoga. To be eligible for the 4 week Advanced Vinyasa Training.


  1. Yoga Philosophy 
    • Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Upanishads 
    • Selected mandatory readings 
    • 4 Journaling Prompts (weekly)

  2. Theming, Lineage & Tradition, Seeing Students

    Why, how it adds value, relating abstract concepts, weaving in philosophy. 
    Elements of theming: body, breath, mantra, philosophy, music, mudra, chakras / energetics
    • Posture or Anatomy Based
    • Philosophy or Life Lesson Based

  3. Lineage & Tradition 
    -Modern culture, guru culture

  4. Assists: How to Provide Safe Touching for Powerful Teaching

    • Why touch, kinds of touch, consent culture
    • The need to be seen/witnessed
    • Types of seeing: eyesight, hearing, feeling 
    • Foundations of seeing -building ground up

  5. Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama
    Deities & associations: 
    Why are these essential? -The necessity of ekagrata state. 
    Cultivating a personal practice:
         • Meditation variations – japa, laya, etc.
         • Pranayama variations – kapalabhati, nadi shodona, brahmar

  6. Teaching from your practice
    • Building progressive practice – teaching to your audience

  7. Professionalism, ethics, the business of yoga
    • Professionalism 
    • Setting up classes and holding space
    • How to get hired and get workshops approved
    • Successful auditioning

  8. Ethics

     Personal conduct: sex, alcohol, etc.
    • Care for the studio as though it’s your own 
    • Lifestyle

  9. Business of Yoga

     Business Immersion -Crafting your personal narrative & bio
    • Photography session for headshots/action shots (5 edited images)
    • Create an audition sequence with music 
    • Specialize & diversify

  10. Practice and Observation
    The majority of our Course will be asking students to produce their own work to solidify the teachings given throughout the course. We want to see you teach so you have the opportunity to become comfortable and we can see where you still need support.

Schedule: –August 2nd – 27th, 2021

Monday–Friday 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday 9 am – 1 pm

Investment: $3200


Enrollments for January 21, 2021January 20, 2022

Aug 02 2021 – Aug 27 202108:00 – 17:00Mon 4 Week Advanced Yoga Teacher TrainingJonni-Lyn Friel

75-Hour Internship Program

Have you completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training? Are you looking to expand your skills? Further your education with the Internship program at MĀ Yoga!

Mentorship is a foundational aspect in becoming a yoga teacher and has been a part of the teaching journey for as long as these teachings have been shared. Taking a 200 hour training course is a great first step, but often leaves a gap for graduates as they step out into the world.

All of the teachers at MĀ deeply revere these practices and want to pass them down to our students with the highest respect and clarity.

The internship program is an invaluable learning opportunity that allows students that have already completed a 200-hour program a role of leadership within a 14-week 200 hour yoga teacher training. It is designed to help teachers refine their skills as yoga teachers and facilitators. With a flexible schedule and one on one support, this training opportunity is like no other.
A small group of interns (4-6) will shadow our 200 hour yoga teacher training as interns embark on their own separate learning journey.

Join Sarada Jagannath, Katyanna Ryan, Jonni-Lyn Friel, and Carley de Goede in a program that will launch your teaching and give you the opportunity to work with some of the city’s most experienced and dedicated yoga teachers.

Interns will meet in a group once a week for 2 hours. Group classes will be done in four modules.

  1. Module 1–Hands on Assist with Carley de Goede and Jonni-Lyn Friel

    Professional Videos of Sequences and Hands-on Adjustments: Interns can hone in more specifically on their learning through watching the videos of the series done in the program and refining their knowledge of adjustments through practice and careful instruction.

    Interns will attend āsana sessions within the program and offer hands-on assistance to the current training session. The lead instructor will shadow and observe their attention to detail and proficiency in the adjustments. This check-in during an actual class is a way for interns to really observe bodies and gain real-life practical skills.

  2. Module 2–Theming, Class preparation and Teaching Techniques Jonni-Lyn Friel and Katyanna Ryan

    Leadership Training: As a mentor, you will help to guide new students through the process. You may meet your mentees in the studio outside of class and help them prepare for practicums and encourage them as teachers.

  3. Module 3–Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Sarada Jagannath

    This module helps you to create a connection to Ayurvedic wellness and learn to incorporate a dinacharya (daily routine) as well as understand the medicine in a more profound way.

  4. Module 4–Mantra and Pranayama Sarada Jagannath and Katyanna Ryan

    Learn to pronounce Vedic mantras correctly and use them confidently in classes. Recording are provided.
    Use pranayama effectively and be clear in your teachings and personal practice.

  5. Module 5–Shadowing and Teaching Jonni-Lyn Friel and Katyanna Ryan

    Teaching Asana and Meditation: Interns take a leadership role within the program by teaching asana and meditation classes to the trainees. The lead instructor attends classes and gives feedback.

    Each intern has a small group of trainees that they will serve as mentors for. If the students are struggling the mentor is there to guide them and nourish their journey. As a mentor, you will help to guide new students through the process. You may meet your mentees in the studio outside of class and help them prepare for practicums and encourage them as teachers.

  6. Module 6–Workshop Preparation and Delivery Katyanna Ryan

    Bi-weekly one on one meetings(These are personal meetings and done outside of the group modules): Depending on your own personal interests and goals, each mentor will embark on a research journey into a particular topic. There will be plenty of support and collaboration with the lead instructor to develop a 2-hour long workshop on the topic. Your workshop can be done with any of the lead instructors depending on your topic. At the end of the training, the mentor will compile their efforts and deliver a workshop to the 200 hour trainees.

Hour Breakdown:

• Group Meeting: 28 Hours
• One on One meeting: 14 hours
• Teaching and Shadowing: 12 Hours
• Workshop Preparation/Research and Delivery: 21 Hours
• This is a 75 hour course that counts towards our 300 hour advanced certification
• A 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate is a prerequisite for this program.

Space is limited! Email for more information.

Investment: $1750


• 200 hour yoga alliance certified course
• Teaching experience

• Fill out application form below.
• Provide us with a short letter of recommendation from a yoga teacher or a student you have taught personally.
• All letters can be sent to with The Header LOR-(Applicants Last name, Applicants First Name.)

Please be advised that in order to be considered for this program you need the following:

• Provide us with a short letter of recommendation from a yoga teacher or a student you have taught personally.
• All letter can be sent to with The Header LOR-(Applicants Last name, Applicants First Name.)


500 Hour Teachers

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