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Registered Clinical Counselling Victoria BC

Each individual has a different experience in therapy depending on their worldviews, goals, circumstance, and stressors. Registered Clinical Counselling addresses immediate challenges in a person’s life, allowing them to adapt and confront current discomforts. Through these sessions, the client may then explore past concerns and patterns of behaviour that reinforce such discomforts and develop mindful practices to detect and adjust patterns in current functioning.

As such behaviours have been intentionally or unintentionally reinforced, counselling sessions create space to spend time addressing how they appear within one’s life and develop alternate ways of responding.

Registered Clinical Counselling Pricing

1 hour session – $145

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Meet our Registered Clinical Counsellor

Keegan Baulkham

Guided by academic, professional, and personal experiences, Keegan accompanies individuals as they explore stressors, challenges, traumas, and/or worries. He believes that everyone and everything deserves the opportunity to live within a state of optimal being; this is unique to the individual and will adapt or transform throughout life’s journey. Life circumstance will challenge these states, complicating one’s ability to reflect and engage according to intentions, ambitions, and goals.

Keegan believes that life is a continuous practice; an act that is requiring perpetual reflection, awakening, and committed action. Through the processes of intentional awareness, critical reflection, and reality acceptance, one is provided the opportunity to adjust behavioural, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual patterns to best reflect one’s purpose. Keegan is open to all human-kind as they explore life’s meanings and purposes, working collaboratively to unlock individual potential.

Along with his academic journey, Keegan explores human wellbeing and potential through travel. He considers academics to be his foundation of knowledge which has been molded, expanded, and diversified through his years of adventure. Him and his partner have explored 4 continents over the past 12 years, learning from varying cultural, faith, and social practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications/credentials?

I have attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Master’s of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology.

I am a registered member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), maintaining the title, ethical conduct, and standards of practice of a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).

What is your availability?

At this time, I am available Thursday afternoons from 2 PM–8 PM online or in-person.

Which therapeutic modalities do you work within?

There are a breadth of different practices and modalities that guide my practice. As the uniqueness of our community, so to I adapt practices that best suit the individual. 

With this said, I have completed specialized trainings in: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) skills training, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Narrative Therapy. 

Pending: Advanced Training in Nature-Based Therapy.

Why are you practicing in a yoga studio?

I believe the human experience requires a holistic practice to reflect holistic health and wellbeing. The human psyche is one aspect of the human experience, which is accompanied by one’s physical, social, and spiritual practices for overall expression of self. A yoga practice encapsulates this holistic approach to wellbeing, advocating for physical, cognitive, social, and spiritual health as the foundation for optimal human function. I personally practice at MĀ Yoga and resonate with their intentions, values, and objectives, where I hope to provide services for likeminded individuals. 

An environment that incorporates, accommodates, and encourages a multi-faceted approach advocates for the wellbeing of our community. As a community we teach, as a community we learn, as a community we grow. 

Am I covered through personal health benefits? What is your rate?

Yes; HOWEVER, every plan is different, please refer to your plan and provider before your first session to ensure your plan covers the RCC designation. The amount covered may vary according to your health benefit plan. 

My rate aligns with the BCACC recommended fee for clinical counselling, at $145/hr + taxes. 

Please discuss health coverage at outset of treatment in order to develop a treatment plan/trajectory that will best align with you and your plan. 

What is your policy between sessions?

Please feel free to email anytime; my practice is to respond to emails as soon as possible and no longer than 2 business days (not including weekends, statutory holidays, and personal vacation).

What are your specialties?

I specialize in enhancing the present-moment, harnessing potential, and acting in accordance with one’s values, ambitions, and goals. This will include first connecting to our own experience, managing discomforts or challenges, and directing attention to our optimal selves. When we are acting in opposition, confrontation, or conflict with ourselves, manifestation of a variety of symptoms may elicit. 

Specific challenges for which I have direct experience include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, life transitions, existential concern, stress, fear, trauma, disassociation, relationship/communication, borderline personality, helplessness, hopelessness, and/or sleep disturbances. 

What can I expect in therapy?

Each individual has a different experience in therapy depending on their worldviews, goals, circumstance, and stressors. Generally, we will begin with addressing immediate challenges and adapt our functioning to confront current discomforts. We may then explore past concerns and explore patterns of behaviour that reinforce such discomforts, developing mindful practices to detect and adjust patterns in current functioning. 

As such behaviours have been intentionally or unintentionally reinforced, we will spend time addressing how they appear within one’s life and develop alternate ways of responding. Through a continuous practice of detecting and adjusting unhelpful responses, supplemented with explorative insight into their functions, we are able to understand ourselves, our environment, and how we respond to it. We are then develop the tools, strategies, and techniques to direct our life’s trajectory toward that which is most important to us. 

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